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Millennium Trade Academy provides students with training in theory and practice of Natural Hair Care, Manicuring, Instructors and Esthetics disciplines. The training is developed and structured to teach the skills required to pass the NC State Board of Cosmetic Arts exam.

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Natural Hair

From the big chop, to braids MTA’s Natural Hair Care Program is designed to bring out what we like to call our “Blooming Afros” our natural hair care students experience all the necessary required performances and theory in a mock salon environment. Contact MTA for your natural hair care enrollment procedures.



Does healthy skin, disorders and the anatomy of the skin interest you MTA’s esthetician’s course will not disappoint. A qualified staff along with a NC specific curriculum will definitely have you NC State Board exam ready.



Nail care program includes basic manicure and pedicure, disorders of the nails, structure and growth. Advanced nails, gels, acrylic tips nail wraps, and designs will also be introduced in our rigorous nail curriculum. Proper procedures for each service along with consultation and sanitation will be part of every performance.


Instructors Program

With qualified staff to mentor you and provide guidance assisting with the hands on training as well as theory and lesson planning required will certainly have you educator ready. The confidence and skill set needed to pass your talent on to our future cosmetologist awaits. Email: millenniumtradeacademy@gmail.com for more information.​

Business Mentor

Every student will be given the opportunity for mentorship, from group team building to personal job placement. Our mentorship offers a more hands on personal approach to your selected discipline. Exam readiness, career confidence, and advanced study referrals come as a standard part of your mentorship here at MTA.